Framing Your Success

Fayette County Schools Framing Your Success Work with Edwards Educational Services

For the past few years our district, Fayette County Schools, has been working with Edwards Educational Services to improve learning across the district.  Using the “Continuous Improvement Cycle” approach, teachers collaboratively deconstruct the standards to identify skills to focus on as they construct matrices of questions spiraling upwards from low to high depth of knowledge.  Moving our classrooms to a student centered approach for learning where the learner is in charge of the learning is impacting genuine mastery of content across the district. Common formative assessments and a constant desire to tailor instruction for success is a hallmark of this initiative.  As our schools move through this reform effort students benefit as they build genuine skills that impact their future success. Our learners face a world where seeing the big picture clearly enough allows them to excel through their well developed problem solving skills.  Our students will succeed in schools where they have choice and failure is not an option.  Schools must be places for learning, places for joy!  (sizer)

Framing Your Success Blueprint for Continuous Improvement:

  • Uses data to drive  decisions leading to greater student achievement
  • Embed 21st Century Skills across the curriculum, enabling educators to close the expectations gap between school standards and workplace requirements
  • Works collaboratively with the staff to identify successes and challenges and uses this information to develop a Plan of Action for the school year
  • Provides strategies for continuous improvement to effectively build capacity for sustained change
  • Establishes the framework for developing mission and vision statements incorporating mutual values

For more information explore the Edwards Educational Services site:

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